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Plate chains

● Plate chain conforms to ISO 4347, ASME B29.8M, JIS B 1804 and other standards, mainly including LH (BL) series, LL series and AL series, and plate chain with other chain numbers derived from standard series, with pitch ranging from 5.94 mm to 76.2 mm, which can be customized according to the special requirements of host users, and can supply various types of connecting rings (end joints), special connectors and other accessories
● Choose high-quality steel and excellent heat treatment process, and the products have high strength and high reliability; Environmental protection surface treatment technology can be selected according to the use environment to achieve excellent corrosion resistance;
● Donghua has advanced technology with independent intellectual property rights, and provides anti-fatigue and wear-resistant products far higher than the standard requirements according to the needs of users;
● Products are widely used in forklifts, textile machinery, drilling rigs, climbing platforms and other equipment to achieve vertical lifting, horizontal traction and other purposes.

Typical product structure:

Chain plate combination 3×4Chain plate combination 4x6Chain plate combination 6x6
Clamp IClamp IIClamp III