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Free flow chains

● Free-flowing chain refers to a chain whose moving tempo can be controlled according to the requirements of users under the condition that the moving speed of the chain is constant during operation. Under the condition that the running speed of the chain is constant, the speed of conveying articles can be adjusted according to the specific use requirements. It mainly includes: double speed chain, conveyor chain with big roller, conveyor chain with side roller, conveyor chain with special roller, conveyor chain with top roller with short pitch, conveyor chain with top roller with double pitch, etc.
● Using high-quality materials and advanced processing technology, the product has the characteristics of anti-static, low noise, stable and reliable transportation, etc
● Schematic diagram of double speed calculation model of typical double speed chain
Since the roller diameter D can be multiplied by the roller diameter D, the speed-increasing effect of the double-speed chain can be multiplied. The specific calculation formula is as follows:

Type in
v—The moving speed of tooling plate and conveyed materials;
v0—The moving speed of multiple conveying chains;
D—Diameter of roller;
d—Diameter of roller;
● Products are widely used in manufacturing and conveying equipment such as household appliances, auto parts department and electronic products.

Typical product structure:

Double speed chainBelt side rollerTop roller