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High strength short pitch roller chains

● High-strength roller chains meet ISO, DIN, ANSI and other standards, mainly including SP series high-strength short-pitch roller chains, SH series high-strength short-pitch heavy-duty roller chains and DH-X3 series high-performance roller chains.
● With wide waist design, high-quality materials and technology with independent intellectual property rights, the tensile strength reaches more than 1.2 times the minimum tensile strength of IS0 standard; DH-X3 series products have:
High chain length accuracy: up to 2/3 of IS0 standard chain length accuracy;
High fatigue strength: up to 1.6 times of IS0 standard fatigue strength;
High wear resistance: up to 2 times the wear resistance of standard roller chain.
●Products are widely used in various fields such as construction machinery, agricultural machinery, logistics and transportation, and transmit power for various machines and facilities, such as balers, rotary tillers, skid loaders, etc.