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Escalator drive chains

● Escalator drive chain is divided into main drive chain and handrail belt drive chain, which are designed according to ISO 606 standard, and its interchangeability dimension is consistent with standard roller chain, mainly A series, B series roller chain and its reinforced chain.
● Using high-quality materials and advanced processing technology, the product has the characteristics of high tensile strength and high fatigue strength; The tensile strength of the reinforced main drive chain reaches 1.2 times the minimum tensile strength of ISO standard, and the fatigue strength reaches more than 1.6 times the minimum dynamic load strength of ISO standard.
● The products are matched with well-known escalator host manufacturers at home and abroad, and are widely used in various subway stations, high-speed railway station and other rail transit and shopping malls escalators, among which the reinforced main drive chain is mainly used in public transport heavy-duty escalators.