Traction chains

●Traction chains is widely used in forklift, port stacker, textile machinery, parking garage, drilling rig, climbing platform, bending machine and other occasions.

●Through special design, high-quality alloy steel materials, appropriate heat treatment process and environmental protection surface treatment process are selected. The products have high strength, high fatigue resistance, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability.

Typical products: forklift plate chain, stacker plate chain, hollow pin plate chain, multi plate pin chain, stereo garage chain, etc., as well as fixture, pear shaped piece and other accessories

Traction chains process characteristics
  • Accurate blanking of chain plate
  • Reasonable parametric control of heat treatment
  • Shot peening improves fatigue performance
  • Steel ball hole extrusion for chain plate
  • Strong pre tension makes the chain plate evenly stressed and improves the service life