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FV series conveyor chains

● FV series conveyor chains meet DIN standard, mainly including FV type conveyor chain, FVT type conveyor chain and FVC type hollow pin shaft conveyor chain.
● FV series conveyor chain refers to roller chain or sleeve chain whose chain pitch is metric integer (various pitches ranging from 40 mm to 500 mm). The rollers have various structural forms, and various accessories are configured according to the service conditions.
● FV type is solid pin transmission chain, FVC type is hollow pin transmission chain, FVT type is large roller heightening chain plate transmission chain, and FV type and FVT type chain have two kinds of products with tensile strength indexes for users to choose from.
● Products are widely used in European markets, conveying materials for general conveying and mechanized conveying equipment.

Typical product structure:

FV type conveying chainFVC type conveyor chainFVT type conveyor chain
With s-shaped small rollersWith P-type large rollersWith F-shaped shoulder roller