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Automobile production line chains

● Automobile production line chain mainly refers to all kinds of conveying chains used in automobile manufacturing logistics conveying system. According to customers' needs, chains with various styles and different functions are provided for different production fields.
● All kinds of conveying chains have the following characteristics:
1.Swing bar chain: the design of external roller and oil injection hole structure is adopted to realize stable operation of the chain and prolong its service life;
2.Drying room line chain: special design is adopted to meet the working condition of 250℃ high temperature and ensure the reliable operation of the production line;
3.Painting line chain: high-quality materials and precision manufacturing are selected to meet the use in specific environments;
4.Traveling machine chain: specially designed high-strength roller chain and eccentric chain with large pitch ensure efficient operation of different production lines.
5.Anti-skid chain: with anti-skid structure design, it can effectively prevent the car body from sliding down and ensure the safe operation of the production line.
6.Pusher chain: Through optimized design, the products are widely used in painting, welding, drying and other processes, so as to ensure the smooth running of the car carrying the car body on the track.
7.Rain line chain: made of high-quality stainless steel and precision, it can meet the needs of long-term operation in water environment.
8.Chain of assembly line: According to the characteristics of the production line, the main products include all kinds of toothed conveyor chains and long pitch conveyor chains, with tensile strength above 450kN.

1)Swing bar chain2)Bakery line chain3)Painting line chain
4)Travelling machine chain 14)Travelling machine chain 25)Anti-skid chain
6)Push head chain7)Rain line chain8)Assembly line chain