Core Competence

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Core Competence

Detection Ability

Donghua Chain Group aims to meet customer needs and product realization (application, R&D and manufacturing of chain drive) and build a first-class modern chain drive testing organization and capability.

At present, the main testing and testing items carried out by the company include: testing the physical and chemical properties of various chain drive raw materials and parts; Tensile strength, chain length accuracy, pressing force detection of various products, chain wear test, fatigue test and partial type test; Verification and calibration of various measuring instruments.

The company has more than 70 sets of testing equipment, including 9 tensile testing machines, 4 chain length measuring machines, 8 wear testing machines, 3 fatigue testing machines, 4 metallographic microscopes, 3 metallographic microhardness testers, 1 three-coordinate measuring instrument, 1 roughness tester, 1 profile tester, 1 spectrometer, CVT test bench and other advanced testing equipment; At the same time, seven measurement standards have been established, such as temperature instrument verification device for thermocouple, cheap metal thermocouple verification device for work, micro-measuring instrument verification device, caliper measuring tool verification device, precision pressure gauge standard device, dial indicator verification device and non-automatic weighing instrument verification device.

As an independent testing service department of the Group, the testing centre has CMA measurement certification, CNAS certification of national recognized laboratories and other testing qualifications. It is a testing organization specializing in the testing of chains/chain drive and related parts, with a wide range of testing projects in the industry.

At the same time, the company continuously implements the technical transformation or technical progress projects of automatic inspection (mechanical inspection, electronic sensor inspection, image inspection, etc.) and intelligent judgment of main quality characteristics in the process to ensure stable and consistent product manufacturing quality.

Testing equipment

Direct-reading spectrometer
Metallurgical microscope
Chain length meter
Tension machine
Pressing force machine
Fatigue machine
Rub tester

Metrological verification & calibration capability