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Welded-steel-type drag chains

● According to ASME B29.18M Steel Welding Traction Chain, Accessories and Sprocket Tooth Profile and ISO 6971 Welding Structure Curved Plate Traction Chain, Accessories and Sprocket, there are many kinds of accessories to choose from, and they can also be customized and developed according to users' requirements.
● The structure of the curved plate chain with the drawing welding structure is basically the same as that of the curved plate chain with the engineering welding structure. The sleeve welded with the curved plate is a non-circular special-shaped pipe, the outer circular surface of the sleeve is engaged with the sprocket, and the non-circular surface is consistent with the running direction of the chain, which is used for pushing or scraping materials.
● High-quality steel and advanced technology are selected for production. Special-shaped sleeve parts are seamless steel pipes formed by precision drawing, ensuring accurate sleeve size and good meshing with sprocket, and adopting advanced and efficient welding special equipment for reliable welding quality; There are two kinds of products with different tensile strength indexes to choose from.
● Curved plate chain with traction welding structure is a chain used in traction conveyor, which is suitable for conveying large or stacked bulk materials.

Typical product structure: