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Forest Paper Industry

The forest paper industry uses a large number of chains in afforestation, logging, rough processing of logs, deep processing of wood, pulp preparation, paper making and other production activities, mainly involving wood processing machinery, wood-based panel equipment, paper-making equipment, etc., for transmitting power and conveying products and materials.


Chain for wood conveying and processing machinery: with high strength and wear resistance;
Chain for wood-based panel equipment: with stable operation, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and fatigue resistance;
Chain for papermaking equipment: it has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, stable operation and good protection;


Main products:
Chains for wood conveying and processing machinery: short pitch precision roller chain, sharp tooth chain, wood conveying chain, etc.
Chains for wood-based panel equipment: hot-pressing plate conveyor chain and density board stacking conveyor chain.
Chain for papermaking equipment: paper roll conveying chain, etc.

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