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Donghua Chain Group was founded in November 1991, and became a market leader in China's chain drive industry in 1999 and has maintained its leading position since then.

Headquartered in the National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Linping District, Hangzhou, the past more than three decades has seen its steady development. It now has six R&D and manufacturing bases or factories in China, Germany, Poland and Japan, eight overseas subsidiaries including Donghua Netherlands, Donghua UK, Donghua USA and Donghua Thailand, and six wholly-owned domestic subsidiaries, such as Hangzhou Ziqiang, Hangzhou Dunpai and Donghua Xinghua. It builds itself as a global leading chain drive company that integrates R&D, manufacturing, marketing and marketing services. Donghua Chain Group is listed as the first batch of manufacturing individual champion demonstration enterprises in China. It’s also recognized as a national enterprise technology center, a “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”, and shortlisted among the Top 100 Machinery Industry Enterprises in China.

  • Founded in November 1991

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    6 major manufacturing bases
    6 domestic wholly-owned subsidiaries
    8 overseas subsidiaries

Donghua Chain Group mainly produces standard, non-standard and special chains with more than 30,000 varieties and over 100,000 specifications, and sprockets, which are widely used in aviation, automobile, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, escalator, forklift and lifting equipment, health and medicine, food processing and other fields. It boasts several world-renowned brands such as DONGHUA, KöBO and EK, and a few homegrown brands such as "Donghua", "Ziqiang" and "Dunpai". The Group now has won itself a one-stop professional manufacturer with the most complete range of products and the widest range of applications in the global chain drive industry.

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    The company can produce more than 30,000 varieties

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    More than 100,000 kinds of chain products

The recent years have seen Donghua Chain Group being committed to building a global R&D system, acquiring and inheriting technology and experience from time-honored enterprises in advanced industrial countries, while vigorously developing and applying new technologies, new materials and new process. By dint of technological innovation platforms such as National Enterprise Technology Center and National Post-Doctoral Research Center in its headquarters Hangzhou, the Group innovates and manufactures various kinds of high-end chain drive products with high precision, high performance and special requirements to meet the increasing demanding needs of its customers globally. With the advent of intelligent manufacturing and the digital era, the Group has been working to build smart factories, research and develop advanced chain manufacturing technology and automation equipment for the establishment of “Future Factory” and its upgrading. The Group also established an information-based operation, management and decision-making platform covering the whole Group by introducing the world’s leading management software SAP-ERP system.

Donghua Chain Group continues to improve its product quality by establishing and improving its quality management system, and through the combination of effective quality control of the whole process with the focus on prevention and advanced testing equipment. The Group has achieved ISO 9002, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 10012, IATF 16949, API SPEC Q1, ISO/IEC 17025 (CNAS), GB/T 29490, DB33/T 944 and other management system certifications consecutively.


While operating in accordance with the law and in good faith, Donghua Chain Group is proactively fulfilling its social responsibilities by investing in public welfare, for instance, donating money to build schools, helping students in need and disadvantaged groups. It also increases its investment in safety, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction each year. It continues to research and develop green and low-carbon products, apply green and low-carbon processes, and regularly organize clean production and circular economy audits. In this connection, the Group has been awarded " Zhejiang Green Enterprise" and " Zhejiang Green and Low-Carbon Economy Model Enterprise."

Donghua Chain Group provides chain drive system solutions for global customers, especially for leading enterprises in various segmented markets. Guided by a business philosophy of integrity, pragmatism, innovation and betterment, Donghua Group strives to become the world's leading modern chain drive enterprise by adhering to craftsmanship, its main business, continuous innovation, and specialized, systematic, high-end and high-quality development.