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Stainless steel conveyor chains

● Stainless steel conveying chain mainly includes: stainless steel hollow pin chain, stainless steel conveying chain (M series), stainless steel hollow pin chain (MC series), stainless steel sharp tooth chain and other products, whose structure and size are basically the same as those of similar carbon steel chains;
● Using high-quality austenitic and martensitic stainless steel materials, advanced processing technology and efficient process equipment, the products have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, cleanness, etc. There are two kinds of products with tensile strength indexes for users to choose from.
● Products are widely used in metallurgy, food processing, high-temperature or low-temperature equipment manufacturing, sewage treatment and other industries.

Factors to be considered in high and low temperature environment are as follows:
I. Low temperature environmental factors
Cold brittleness of materials, that is, the impact strength of materials decreases at low temperature, generally depends on the chemical composition of materials, and stainless steel chains should not be used below the specified temperature.

Minimum working temperature of stainless steel chain

Chain materialMinimum operating temperature/℃
Martensite type stainless steel-70
Austenitic stainless steel-100

II. High temperature environmental factors
The strength of chain decreases with the increase of temperature. The minimum ultimate tensile strength of stainless steel chain in high temperature environment above 400℃ is: the minimum ultimate tensile strength /Kt in general applicable environment temperature (-20℃ ~ 400℃), and the Kt value is shown in the following table:

Temperature coefficient of stainless steel chain

Ambient temperatureTemperature coefficient Kt
Below 400℃1.0
700℃以上Not available