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Escalator step chains

● Escalator step chain is used in escalator and moving sidewalk systems to transmit power and transport passengers. It is widely used in escalator facilities such as subway, high-speed rail, airport, shopping malls and large supermarkets.
● Advanced processing and manufacturing technologies such as special structural design and new chain plate blanking are adopted, which have the characteristics of high step distance accuracy, step distance synchronization accuracy and chain length synchronization accuracy, and meet the requirements of stable operation, safety, reliability, environmental resistance and long service life.
● Fully cover the ladder chain products used in escalator industry, and independently develop high-end products with unique structures such as oil cup type and self-lubricating type. Product pitch range: 67mm~136mm, breaking load range: 60kN~1100kN.

Typical cases:

With the strong technical strength of "Made in Zhejiang" with high standard, high level and high performance, relying on national testing center and technology center, and relying on advanced manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment, it has provided brand-new high-end products for the "super project" Beijing-Zhangjia high-speed railway project in China. This product is a heavy-duty type of public transportation, with a lifting height of 42 meters and a breaking load of 1100kN, which can transport about 500 people at the same time. The project is buried 102 meters underground in the Great Wall. The cascade chain products used are equipped with independent innovation technology with oil cups and independent innovation one-way bending prevention technology, which ensures passengers' safety, comfort and stability, and plays an important role in the key construction project "Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway" planned and implemented by the state and the successful hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Products for Beijing-Zhangjia high-speed railway project