Core Competence

Donghua Solidarity Chaining the World

Core Competence

Advanced technology

"Seiko casts high quality"

——Professional design, advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and efficient operation

"The whole process of industrial chain"

——From material processing, parts manufacturing, chain assembly to the supply of complete sets of chain drive products

It has the whole industrial chain process from material processing and parts manufacturing to the supply and service of complete chain drive products, and is committed to the application and promotion of new technologies, new materials, new processes, high-efficiency sophisticated equipment and various automation and information technologies, so as to create high-quality chain drive products and meet the individual needs of different fields, working conditions and users around the world.

Specialty design

Through professional design and effective product test verification, the product performance can meet the needs of users.

Advanced technology

It has realized the whole process of professional manufacturing from material processing, parts manufacturing to chain assembly, and ensured the delivery of high-quality products.

  • Raw material processing
  • Parts Manufacturing
  • Heat treatment
  • Chain Assembly
  • Die Making
Raw material processing

Realize the processing of raw materials such as chain plate material, flat wire material and round wire material required for chain manufacturing.

  • 01
    Environment-friendly shot blasting line

    Scale removal on the surface of chain plate raw material

  • 02
    Automatic slitting production line for coiled sheet material

    Split shear of chain plate material

  • 03
    Continuous processing production line of flat silk

    Processing of sleeve flat wire

Parts Manufacturing

The wide application of advanced process equipment and technology such as high-speed precision punch press, high-precision stamping die, high-speed pin cutter, high-speed sleeve coiling machine, multi-station cold heading machine, laser cutting machine, automatic milling machine and numerical control machining center ensures the high quality and high efficiency of parts manufacturing.

  • 01
    Progressive stamping technology

    Efficient continuous precision blanking of chain plate

  • 02
    Integrated stamping technology

    Progressive blanking and bending forming of chain plate

  • 03
    Precision forming processing technology

    Cold heading forming of pin shaft

Heat treatment

It has advanced heat treatment equipment such as continuous controllable atmosphere mesh belt furnace, controllable atmosphere box type multipurpose furnace and continuous controllable atmosphere isothermal furnace to ensure the stability and consistency of key performance of parts.

  • 01
    Continuous controllable atmosphere mesh belt furnace

    Heat treatment of chain plate, pin shaft, sleeve, roller and other parts

  • 02
    Continuous controlled atmosphere isothermal furnace

    Isothermal quenching of parts such as chain plate and pin shaft can obtain comprehensive mechanical properties of high strength and high toughness

  • 03
    Controlled atmosphere box type multipurpose furnace

    Heat treatment of pin shaft, sleeve, roller and other parts

Chain Assembly

High-speed automatic assembly line, online image inspection, online running-in/pre-stretching, online oiling, automatic welding and other advanced process equipment and technologies are widely used to ensure efficient manufacturing of high-quality chain products.

  • 01
    Automatic assembly production line

    Ensure efficient and high-quality assembly of chain products

  • 02
    Online detection

    Full inspection of chain to ensure product quality

  • 03

    Reduce the initial wear and elongation of the chain and improve the fatigue strength of the chain

Die Making

It has high-precision CNC equipment and processing technology such as high-precision wire cut wire cutting, EDM, coordinate grinder, vacuum quenching furnace and cryogenic treatment.

  • 01
    Wire cut wire cutting machine tool

    Achieve precision machining of mold

  • 02
    Vacuum quenching furnace

    Mold heat treatment