Core Competence

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Core Competence
  • Digitization

    SAP enterprise management software and solutions

    At the beginning of 2013, Donghua Group introduced the global advanced ERP management software-—SAP system, and also introduced the international advanced management concept for the enterprise, further comprehensively planning the whole enterprise from the group level, and comprehensively promoting the information system to all business links. It strengthens the control of information flow in enterprise management, strengthens the integration and optimization of internal resources, and improves the execution efficiency and response speed of enterprise decision. After several years' deepening application and management improvement, the Group and its subordinate companies have all been put into operation, unified financial, manpower, sales, procurement, warehousing and production management, and realized digital Donghua.

  • ORS&OTD (whole process management of order review and delivery)

    Donghua Group has established a flexible management system with orders as the main line and product process as the driving force. In order to consolidate the management innovation achievements, improve business processes, rationally allocate resources, realize the three-in-one of logistics, information flow and capital flow, optimize the operation mode of enterprises and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. In 2015, the online process and parallel review of orders will be realized, and the most streamlined business review process will ensure the delivery review speed and realize quick response to customers. In 2016, the public platform of packaging management was launched, and the implementation of assembly and manufacturing was extended, so as to realize the management of packaging in and out of storage, finished products in and out of storage, and complete sets according to boxes. In 2018, the foreign sales barcode integration system was fully launched, realizing the whole process barcode, and foreign users can trace it with one click. After continuous creation and research and development, the company has made a comprehensive connection from order review to delivery at home and abroad, seamlessly connected with SAP system, and built a complete online delivery OTD, document management, packaging management public platform, finished product warehouse WMS and other subsystems.

  • Digital Factory and Intelligent Manufacturing

    Donghua Group has established a strategic management system of integration of two industries, focusing on three industries (manufacturing, network and whole process) and three industries (flexibility, digitalization and intelligence) as the key points of digital construction, aiming at building digital factories and intelligent manufacturing workshops, developing industrial Internet platform + manufacturing, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of digital information systems and driving high-quality development. In 2015, the assembly workshop of the Transmission Chain Division took the lead in the transformation of the Internet of Things, controlling the whole process of assembly planning, execution, coordination and work reporting, barcode the planned work order, and integrate one-click work reporting with SAP. In 2018, the Automobile Chain Division adapted to the market demand, in order to better ensure the stability, reliability and traceability of product quality, and realized the intelligent workshop manufacturing execution system of Internet of Things. In 2019, in the Internet of Things of the parts workshop of the conveyor chain, the system chemical single operation mode was introduced, and the whole process of production operation was scanned to realize the automatic data acquisition and equipment monitoring system. In the same year, the digital cold rolling system realized the functions of planned production scheduling, raw material location management, production execution, sorting and packing barcode, traceability of raw materials and finished products, seamless connection with SAP, etc., and connected with equipment to collect real-time data of equipment operation. In 2020, the Leaf Chain Division and the company's public platform for heat treatment have also started the digital project of intelligent manufacturing.

  • Enterprise goes to the cloud

    Donghua Group is the first batch of enterprises to go to the cloud in Yuhang District. In 2017, three core business systems (CRM, OA and Internet of Things) were deployed to Alibaba Cloud. After going to the cloud, it opened up the "Ren Du Er Mai", which is a deep integration of Internet, Internet of Things big data and manufacturing. During the epidemic period, make full use of cloud resources such as Nail and Enterprise WeChat to establish interaction with customers at home and abroad, so that customers can receive our trends and care at the first time.

  • Big data

    Donghua Group uses the data decision-making system and the cloud electronic large-screen system to centrally and uniformly manage the data of each system of the enterprise, and displays big data such as marketing, Internet of Things, procurement and warehousing in real time, with various interactive display effects, providing basis for enterprise decision-making and improving the efficiency and benefit of enterprise operation. Enterprises have been adhering to the principle of "let numbers speak, let numbers speak in real time, let numbers speak accurately and let numbers speak meaningfully", and have realized flexible management from the process and performance level. Through the application of information technology, the division, business process, accounting refinement and assessment digitalization have been realized.