Agricultural machinery chains

●Agricultural machinery chain is mainly used in rice, wheat, corn, cotton and other agricultural machinery to provide driving and conveying functions, and realize mechanized operation in the whole process of agricultural production from farmland, sowing to harvest.

●High quality materials, professional design and advanced technology are adopted to ensure that the chain has the performance of wear resistance, impact resistance, high strength, high fatigue, high reliability and long service life, so as to meet the requirements of less lubrication, more dust, high load and more impact in agricultural production.

Typical products: Agricultural machinery drive chain, agricultural machinery drive chain, combine chain, rice harvester chain, S-type / C-type steel roller chain, ANSI series agricultural chain, O-ring agricultural chain, steel pin chain and accessories.

Agricultural machinery chains process characteristics
  • High efficiency blanking forming processing
  • The convex design of chain plate protects the pin head and reduces wear
  • Chain plate steel ball extrusion to improve fatigue performance
  • Surface hardening treatment of pin shaft to improve service life